Winter Feed Products

In winter, it is especially important to be aware of your horse's need. Since horses lose their summer coats in the fall, they need more energy to grow their winter coats. A high-quality, natural feed is very important. You should also make sure that your supplemental feed contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Since your horse probably will not move around as much in the winter as it does in the summer, you may want to adjust its feed.

Our tip: feed your horse a mash of herbs and vitamins 2-3 times a week - it is gentle on the digestion and tastes great!

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  • Dr. Weyrauch No. 4 Gold Value - for Dogs

    Dr. Weyrauch No. 4 Gold Value -​ for Dogs

    500 g, 1.000 g, 1.500 g, 5.000 g
    • Supports healthy skin & a shiny coat
    • Made without binders, flavourings or additives
    • Fast and highly efficient
  • St.Hippolyt Irish Mash
    • High quality supplementary feed
    • Quick and easy to prepare
    • Ideal after illnesses
  • GladiatorPLUS Horse

    GladiatorPLUS Horse

    500 ml, 1.000 ml
    • Well thought-out composition
    • High bioavailability
    • Sugar free
  • Agrobs AlpenGrün Mash
    • Optimal Ca: P ratio of 2: 1
    • Quick and easy to prepare
    • Grain and bran-free
    • Easy preparation
    • High in flaxseed
    • Contains bran
    • For deficiencies
    • With grape seed pomace & selenium yeast
    • Measuring spoon included
    • Supports healthy airway function
    • Only includes pure, biogenically grown ingredients
    • Provides protein-free energy
    • Supplied with essential omega-3 fatty acids
    • Supports the natural function of the liver
    • With exquisite ingredients
    • Highly effective herbal blend
    • Particularly tasty
    • Made from the best organic ingredients
    • Very tasty
    • Supports natural digestive function
    • With natural herbs
    • Tasty compilation
    • With essential herbal oils
    • Naturally supports the metabolism
    • Can be eaten by older horses
    • With magnesium & vitamin B12
    • In the event of a feeding-related deficiency
    • Best quality
    • Relief for respiratory pathways
    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Suitable as long-term additive feed
    • Has a supportive effect on the gastrointestinal tract
    • Supports the healthy functioning of the airways
    • Supplied with natural vitamins and minerals
    • High quality finished feed
    • Supports the natural digestive function
    • Particularly easy to digest
    • Mash with apples
    • With extruded linseed
    • Supports digestion
    • Supports the natural function of the airways
    • Excellent as a brew or tea
    • Also suitable for inhalation
    • Optimised with carrots & beetroot
    • With vitamins & trace elements
    • Prepare cold or warm
    • Composition of selected vegetable oils
    • Cold-pressed from controlled cultivation
    • From our own production
    • Strengthening the muscles
    • Promotion of muscle building
    • Support of efficiency
    • With deficiency symptoms
    • Easy dosage
    • Support of resilience & performance
    • To strengthen the immune system
    • To support the natural function of the airways
    • Highest quality
    • Supports the airways
    • With natural ingredients
    • Highest quality
  • Dr. Weyrauch N0. 11 Topmash

    50 g, 600 g, 1.200 g
    • Special blend of herbs
    • For spreading over feed
    • Can also be prepared as tea
    • Support of the skin, respiratory tract and digestion
    • Support of the metabolism
    • Supply of essential Omega-6 fatty acids
    • Does not include flakes with molasses
    • Low protein
    • Oat-free
    • Gluten & molasses free
    • With prebiotic ingredients
    • Low glycemic index
    • With beneficial herbs
    • Supports the immune system
    • Resealable PVC container
    • Supports the healthy function of the bronchi
    • With high-quality herbs
    • Strengthens the airways

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