Product Comparison: Eskadron Saddle Pads

Product Comparison: Eskadron Saddle Pads

Cotton & Big Square Cotton products were tested

This time, two products face each other in the product test.

Namely the “Cotton”, Eskadron's inexpensive saddle pad; and the “Big Square Cotton”, the top seller saddle pad from Eskadron.

We were interested in whether there really is a qualitative difference between the two models or whether it is only the look that makes up the not insignificant price difference.

"Cotton" is a particularly thin, light saddle pad, which is kept dimensionally stable by a foam insert. The "Big Square Cotton", on the other hand, has voluminous quilting, a coat-friendly cotton waffle fabric on the inside and other decorations depending on the collection.


Visually, the Biq Square Cotton is of course an absolute highlight. With its volume and the vertical emblem stripes on both sides, it really looks good.

The design of the cotton is quite simple, only the contrasting edging ensures a beautiful appearance. As is well known, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but for me the Big Square Cotton emerges as the clear winner.

Cotton: 3 out of 5

Big Square Cotton: 4.5 out of 5


Both saddle pads can be easily attached to the saddle. Although I have to say that the Cotton appealed to me a little more with its lightness and dimensional stability. The straps are particularly long on both models. The Big Square Cotton is made of a shiny, smooth and slightly thicker material, which gives them a higher quality look. In terms of fit, the two are pretty much on par.

What I personally still need is a Velcro fastener on the saddle girth loop so that the saddle pad can be removed without having to remove the saddle girth.

Cotton: 4 out of 5

Big Square Cotton: 4 out of 5


In terms of functionality, the biggest difference is on the inside of the saddle pad. While the inside of the Cotton is the same as the outside, that of the Big Square Cotton is equipped with a cotton waffle fabric. This feels particularly soft and absorbs moisture better. The side of the Big Square Cotton is a little drier than that of the normal Cotton after riding.

Cotton: 3 out of 5

Big Square Cotton: 4.5 out of 5


I think most of you know the situation when you want to wash the saddlecloths, because quite a bit of sweat has already accumulated and you first have to depilate the saddlecloth so that you don't have all the hair in the washing machine later. In that regard, I was delighted with both models. Although I rode it more often during testing and my horse did not sweat a little, there was little hair on the inside. Even after washing, you can't really tell the difference between the two. The colour intensity has not changed in any of the saddle pads. The shape has also been retained.

Cotton: 5 out of 5

Big Square Cotton: 5 out of 5

End result:

In terms of design and functionality, Big Square Cotton is a few steps ahead of normal Cotton. So if you value quality and appearance, you should definitely go for Big Square Cotton. However, the cotton is perfectly adequate for daily training. It is simple, practical and really has a great price-performance ratio. Both saddle pads convinced me personally. The cotton for everyday life and the big square cotton for special occasions.

Cotton: 3.5 out of 5

Big Square Cotton: 4.5 out of 5