Mix & Match Pallet Shipping

We deliver your favourite horse food to your home!

What's this?
With the new Mix & Match pallet dispatch, you can have a pallet of horse feed of your choice put together, which you then receive.

Is there a minimum order value?
The minimum order value is at least 20 bags, each weighing more than 12kg per bag.

What is the added value for me?
If you order more than 25 bags, you will receive a 5% discount on your order.

How can I order as a customer?
Please send us your order by email to office@equusvitalis.com or call us via our free hotline.

What other data do you need from me?
We need the delivery and billing address from you and, very importantly, your telephone number.

How does the delivery work and when is the delivery date?
The delivery takes place by a forwarding agency. For this we work together with the forwarding company Dachser. When ordering, you specify a desired delivery date on which you would like the pallet to be delivered.

How much are the shipping costs?
In Austria we charge shipping costs of €70.00 per pallet.

In which countries is Mix & Match pallet shipping possible?
Mix & Match pallet shipping is currently only possible within Austria!

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service on the free hotline or by email at office@equusvitalis.com