Pasture Fencing & Accessories by Kerbl

Pasture Fencing & Accessories by Kerbl

You can find a category with pasture fencing products in our online store. It includes a range of products from Kerbl that you can use to put up your own pasture fence.

First off, here's a brief explanation of the function of a pasture fence and what factors you need to keep in mind before you start.

What is the function of a pasture fence?

The main function of a pasture fence is to fence animals in as well as out.

The requirements differ depending on the type of animal.

For horses, for instance, the fence should be about 1.50 m high, while 1.10 m is sufficient for cattle. For sheep and poultry, netting is the preferred choice.

What do I need for a pasture fence?

You will need the following to put up an effective pasture fence:

  • Earthing rods
  • Earthing cable
  • Pasture fence energiser
  • Wooden & plastic stakes
  • Fence connection cable
  • Pasture fence rope or tape
  • Clip connectors
  • Insulators
  • Warning signs
  • Gate handle
  • Testing device


The most important component of a pasture fence is earthing. The electrical circuit will not work without it.

Factors to keep in mind for earthing:

The better the earthing, the more effective the shock.

  • Earthing rods should be at least 1 metre long
  • The more earthing rods, the better
  • Should be made of corrosion-resistant material
  • Place in a damp, overgrown area
  • Do not use earthing meant for buildings

You can check whether the earthing is sufficient with a testing device. The voltage should be 0.0. If you don't have access to a fence energiser, you can carry out the test by touching the earth rods. If you feel a slight tingle, the earthing is too weak and you should use more earthing rods.

Which type of fence energiser should I use?

We offer 3 different types of fence energisers:

Generally, a power supply unit connected to the mains is the best option for an energiser because:

  • Low energy costs
  • Low maintenance
  • High output power
  • Not damaged by growing vegetation

If using a power supply unit is not an option, you can use an energiser powered by battery or solar power. Although both these options are usually less powerful, they are much more flexible.

Do I have to put up warning signs?

All parts of an electric fence that are installed along a public road or footpath must be labelled with warning signs at frequent intervals.

If this is not observed, the insurance will be cancelled in the event of damage.

What should I do if my pasture fence / pasture fence energiser is not working?

Checking the energiser itself is relatively easy.

Unplug the device and hold a pasture fence tester against it. If the device registers sufficient voltage, the fault does not lie with the device itself.

Next, it is best to check whether the earthing is sufficient. See above.

If the earthing is also fine, use the fence tester to test along the fence. If the power is considerably weaker at one point, this is probably the problem.

The reason for this could be knots in the tape/rope or worn out sections.

If you are using connectors, it is advisable to use special Litzclip connectors and not simply connect sections of tape/rope with knots.

We wish you good luck as you put up your own pasture fence!