Product Test: Leather Care

Product Test: Leather Care

In equestrian sports, you come across leather regularly. Whether as a saddle, bridle, girth or boots, we riders use leather products almost every day. Since high-quality leather is usually very expensive, we have to be careful if we want to ensure longevity. This makes regular leather care essential. There are special leather care products that clean the leather on the one hand and maintain it and keep it supple on the other. This also extends the life of the products.
The Swiss company Effax GmbH manufactures various leather care products. We tested some of them for you.


What I particularly love about Effax leather cleaning products is that you don't need water. This means you can clean your equipment anywhere and much faster. Perfect for all those who don't like plastering. In addition, the leather is also protected.

Leather cream soap:

The Flic-Flac bottle is particularly handy and practical for on the go. It can even be hung up thanks to a hook. As the name suggests, the consistency is creamy and smells a little soapy. I applied the cream soap with a small sponge. I was very happy with the result. The cream soap even leaves a slight shine on the cleaned leather.

4.5 stars

Leather Combi:

The Leather-Combi is a transparent liquid with a somewhat chemical odour. The cleaning effect was perfectly fine. Compared to the leather cream soap it was a slightly faster process, but less shiny result.

4.5 stars

Leather Combi+:

My absolute favourite when it comes to cleaning is definitely the Leather Combi +. A light foam comes out of the spray bottle which can either be sprayed directly onto the product or onto the sponge/cloth. The foam also has a somewhat chemical odour, but cleaning is super easy and quick. I had my boot completely clean again in less than 2 minutes.

5 stars

Gaiters Miracle:

With Gaiters Miracle, the gaiters can be cleaned quickly and easily. Simply spray on and wipe dry with a cloth. This not only removes the dirt, but the gaiters also regain their depth of colour as promised. Great results are already visible after the first application.

5 stars


Most cleaning products also have caring properties. Nevertheless, leather could always use intensive care in between. This gives additional shine, makes the leather supple and ensures a moisture-repellent leather surface.

Leather balm:

The leather balm has a very pleasant smell. It is quickly absorbed into the leather and leaves a great, shiny result. Thanks to its consistency, the balm can be applied cleanly and in a targeted manner.

5 stars

Leather Serum+:

Care with the Leather Serum + should take place outdoors. When the product is sprayed on, small grease stains appear in the immediate vicinity. The Leather Serum+ looks a bit oily on the leather items at first. However, if you rub it in well, you also get a great result.

3 stars

Leather instant shine:

The leather instant shine is an absolute must-have for me. You simply wipe the leather briefly and it shines like new again. Ideal to give the boots a new, quick shine at the tournament. Thanks to the sponge, application is super easy and quick.

5 stars

My conclusion:

Effax products offer a quick and thorough solution for cleaning and caring for your leather products. Which products are best for your own needs is of course up to you. My absolute favourite product is and will remain the leather Combi +. Overall, it is a great set that covers all the important needs in the field of leather care.


4.5 stars