Product Review: Riding Boots

Product Review: Riding Boots

An optimal riding outfit includes the right footwear. One option for footwear is the riding boot. Our boots not only add ot our outfits, they also provide the calf and ankle with more stability and provide a good grip in the stirrup. Since it is mandatory to wear riding boots at shows, this type of footwear is especially popular with show riders. Riding boots are also very popular with recreational riders.

Not all riding boots are the same though. There are a variety of models in different price ranges. It is important to find the right model for your own needs. It is also important to find a good fit.

For ambitious riders, a high-quality leather riding boot is almost essential. Schockemöhle Sports produces the "Jupiter" ladies' boot under the Tonics line. The boots impress with their great design and also have a lot to offer in terms of comfort and function. We gave the boots a test to see if they would hold up to our needs.

The anatomical lines of the zipper and the curved shape of the boot's leg immediately stand out on these boots. The look is sporty and very elegant. The narrow lines give it an additional feminine touch. The leather, and processing of the boots are particularly high quality. The preformed footbed also has a positive effect on the look.

Back to the zipper- the zipper is very high quality and sturdy. Over time, the zippers on riding boots can cause the most trouble if they start to stick or are hard to pull. We didn't have any trouble with the zipper during our tests. The lateral position also counteracts wear.

It's not easy to find a riding boot that comes to the right height. If the boots are too tall, they irritate the knees, but too short can be uncomfortable and doesn't have as nice of a look. The Jupiter boots have a nice middle ground. The boots have a comfortable, elegant look.

Now to the most important part - the comfort. The side zipper is visually very nice, but a little difficult to put on. The first few times it was very hard to get into the boot because you have to bend your foot a lot. The boots have a narrow fit, so it can also be hard to pull the zipper up over the ankle. This said, they were easier to zip with each use and now, after serval uses, we did not notice any more trouble. Once the boots were broken in they were very comfortable to wear. Our testers reported that they were comfortable enough to leave on after riding. While riding, we felt safe and secure and had a good grip on the saddle and stirrups. The grip of the leather on the inside of the boot definitely helps. The abrasion protection on the front of the boots and the toe and heel caps, as well as the spur holder are also great features.

Our conclusion:

The look of the boot is appealing, elegant and sporty. Our testers reported that they would not change anything, and got compliments on their boots at the stable. The only negative reported during testing was the difficulty putting it on at first. After breaking the boots in, our testers found them stable and safe with many practical details. They said they would order the boots again.


4.5 stars