Winter Jodhpurs - Two Models at a Glance

Winter Jodhpurs - Two Models at a Glance

Even if the temperatures continue to drop and it gets really uncomfortable outside, our four-legged friends need enough exercise. In order to make the winter riding sessions a little more pleasant, it is advisable to prepare a good outfit in advance. The centrepiece of riding clothes - the jodhpurs, of course! We would like to introduce you to two softshell jodhpurs from BUSSE!


  • 100% DYNAMIC.

What image do you have in mind when you think of thermal jodhpurs? Snow trousers with slippery artificial leather? So thickly lined that you can barely walk in them, let alone ride? That has to change!

Most of the time we are warm enough when working in the stable and riding in the arena. But when we go outside for a ride, our thighs turn into icicles. How about a pair of jodhpurs that you can put on quickly and that don't look too bulky? One that gives you a good grip in the saddle and allows you to move freely? Mega - that's what the BUSSE team thought and did. The result - the pull-over TINDRA SOFTSHELL jodhpurs!

TINDRA is easy to put on over your normal riding jodhpurs. You don't even have to take off your riding boots. So if you want to leave the crowded arena for a walk in the countryside, it's best to have the TINDRA ready at the rail. Dismount briefly, put on your trousers, mount up - off you go! Of course, TINDRA is also great for normal riding. The softshell material is elastic and supple as well as wind- and water-repellent. Thanks to the silicone grip trim, you have a perfect hold in the saddle. Practical when the horses are cold in winter!

Finally, you can ride properly in winter without your thighs freezing.

Simply pull over normal breeches

Enjoy full freedom of movement

Fits like a second skin

Best riding feeling


Anyone who prefers to consider the classic softshell breeches is definitely ideally equipped with the SOFTSHELL PERFORMANCE.

The cosy fleece inside provides pleasant warmth, while the outer material protects against external weather influences. You can also swing into the saddle carefree with this model. It is also equipped with a non-slip silicone grip trim.

When it comes to design, BUSSE focuses on elegance and sportiness with the SOFTSHELL PERFORMANCE. It even conjures up a visually long leg. A highlight is the cleverly hidden and perfectly positioned smartphone pocket in the seat area.

Optimally positioned mobile phone pocket


No matter whether you prefer the innovative and flexible version with the TINDRA or the classic one with the SOFTSHELL PERFORMANCE, one thing is clear - warm winter riding trousers are an absolute must-have for the cold season!

Have fun with your winter riding!