SanoVet: 22 products


  • SanoVet Calm Cubes
    • For nervousness and tension
    • In a practical treat form
    • Ideal for on the go
  • SanoVet Biotin Plus
    • Highly concentrated biotin
    • 500g can is enough for 3 months!
  • SanoVet Top Lysine + E
    • To support the muscle metabolism
    • To support the immune system
    • Highly concentrated vitamin E and L-lysine
  • SanoVet Arthrobol
    • Combination product for joints, tendons, ligaments and muscle building
    • With amino acids and MSM
    • Ideal for heavy loads and for older horses
    • Vegetable support for the liver
    • Milk thistle, artichoke, nettle
    • Promotes the detoxification function of the liver
  • SanoVet Power Tonic

    1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg
    • Serves to compensate for fluid losses
    • Water soluble powder
    • With minerals, trace elements and vitamins
    • Herbal mixture in pharmacopoeia quality
    • To support the physiological lung function
    • Additionally enriched with vitamins
    • A high iron content promotes the formation of red blood cells
    • Ingredients are dissolved and can therefore be quickly absorbed
    • Trace elements and vitamins support the conversion of energy
    • Contains all essential amino acids
    • Supports muscle building
    • For high strength and endurance performance
    • For nervousness and tension
    • Without a reduction in motivation
    • According to the FEI, doping-free
    • Supports performance and vitality
    • Vitamins, minerals, amino acids
    • For sport horses and breeding
  • SanoVet Horse Vital Plus

    1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg
    • To support the immune system
    • With valuable nucleotides
    • Finely ground herbal mixture in pharmacopoeia quality
    • To support the stomach and intestines
    • Sugar & grain free
    • With fermented grasses
    • With valuable nucleotides
    • Supports skin and coat
    • Contains sea buckthorn
    • High energy density
    • Easily digestible
    • Preservation of glycogen reserves
    • Supports healthy bowel function
    • Supports the immune system
    • For an optimisation of the feed conversion
    • Vitamin E plus grape seed flour
    • Cell renewal nucleotides
    • To support muscle regeneration
    • Contains valuable nucleotides
    • With grape seed flour
  • SanoVet E-​60,000

    1 kg, 3 kg, 10 kg
    • Vitamin E as a natural antioxidant
    • To prevent muscle tension and hardening
    • For muscle building and muscle regeneration
    • To support the joints and cartilage
    • With glucosamine and MSM
    • Ideal for heavy loads and for older horses
    • With nucleotides!
    • To support muscle building
    • Contains all essential amino acids
    • Extra energy boost
    • High quality, natural energy supplier
    • High performance through rapidly available energy

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