Gluten-Free iQ High-Fibre by Mühldorfer

Gluten-Free iQ High-Fibre : 5 products


  • Mühldorfer iQ High-Performance Active²
    • Reduced starch and sugar content
    • Easy to digest
    • Horses love it!
  • Mühldorfer Landwiesen Structure Plus
    • Ideal for reducing grain-based feed
    • Easily digestible energy
    • Supports chewing intensity
  • Mühldorfer Country Meadow Happiness
    • Rich in organic-bound nutrients
    • Reduced sugar content
    • Made without molasses
  • Mühldorfer Country Meadow Low Cobs
    • Free of molasses
    • Suitable for automatic feeding machines
    • Supports healthy digestion
    • Suitable for sensitive horses
    • Contains valuable herbs and prebiotics
    • Reduced sugar content

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