Dog with a Mission "Urban" Dog Collar - 2.5cm

Fashionable design

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • With fashionable metal buttons
  • Adjustable
  • Real leather


Delicate turquoise leather and stylish metal buttons make this collar a fashionable accessory!


  • This collar is made only from the thickest pieces of leather. The strong leather impresses with its top quality, but it does need to be taken care of!


  • The simplest but most effective care to use for leather is saddle soap. Saddle soap is a colourless, greasy material that rejuvenates the leather. The saddle soap also brings out the colour of the leather and leaves it shiny.
  • Additionally, using saddle soap on the collar keeps it supple and soft. The saddle soap smooths out cracks in the leather, making it less wrinkly.
  • The saddle soap should be carefully applied to the collar with a soft cloth and should be massaged in using circular motions. The leather collar absorbs the saddle soap. If the saddle soap absorbs into the leather collar too quickly, you should apply the saddle soap a few times.
  • Caution! Leather does not like saltwater! If your dog likes to swim in the ocean, take their collar off before they go swimming.

Sizes :

  • XXS = 21-27 cm
  • XS = 25-31 cm
  • S = 29-35 cm

How Do I Measure My Dog's Size?

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