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The Stassek manufactory from Ahaus in Germany has been producing care products for horses since 1981. It all started with the legendary Equistar, the first-ever effective coat shine, tail and mane spray, which is considered by experts to be unrivalled to this day. Over the years, many care products for horses, leather and dogs have been added, and useful aids for daily use round off the product range.

Stassek care products are not in a price war with cheap products, they are worth their money in the best sense of the word. You will only find them in well-stocked specialist shops, not in cheap chains and the like. All products are made in Germany, not only the care products themselves but also the raw materials, bottles, tins, bags and even the boxes of the packaging. You can be sure to buy handmade quality goods from one of the few manufactories in Germany when you choose Stassek care products.

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