Horse Cough: Proper Treatment is Important

Horse Cough: Proper Treatment is Important

It's not only us humans who suffer from diseases in the transition period and the associated fluctuating temperatures, our horses can also be affected. Many horses struggle with respiratory diseases during this time. However, coughing should not be ignored. If it's not treated, the disease can become acute or even chronic.

Horses are endurance animals and as such they have tremendously powerful lungs and a highly developed respiratory system. Because this system is heavily used, it is susceptible to interference or very sensitive. The transition times from cold to warm or vice versa can be critical because the frequent temperature changes strain the immune system.

Horses are steppe animals and as such they have special needs. Fresh air, light and exercise are primarily important. In addition, a horse needs the ability to ingest small amounts of feed throughout the day.

Normally free-living horses are hardened by climatic stimuli and the immune system is strengthened. Today, however, many horses are mainly kept indoors, in small, dark boxes and move around in dusty halls.

Stuffy stable air, dust, mould spores - all of this increases the likelihood of respiratory diseases. Often, however, a one-sided or low-herb diet is also a reason. Today there are not as many different plants on pastures as in the past. It is therefore possible that horses can no longer meet their needs for nutrients that they normally get from various herbs.

All of this increases the risk that pathogens such as viruses or bacteria will settle in the respiratory organs of our horses.

Herbal medicine as an alternative

Today, many horse owners use essential herbal oils when coughing materialises to keep their horses' airways moist and clean. These gentle methods are also great for supporting conventional treatment. However, before treating your horse with herbs only, you should seek veterinary advice. This ensures that it is not a serious illness or that it does not become one. A light cough can turn into bronchitis faster than you think.

The power of herbs

Herbs are healthy for our horses. When fed regularly, they help prevent acute respiratory diseases and chronic problems. If you use herbs that soothe the mucous membranes, chronic irritation can be counteracted, which also has a positive effect on the risk of infection, while other herbs support lung function.

A sudden miracle healing is not to be expected from herbs. It takes time and patience, even with targeted use of herbs.

How to use herbs

Herbs can be used in different ways. One option is to pour boiling water over the herb. Different ingredients, such as essential oils, more readily available. But you can also make an herbal tincture by steeping the herbs in alcohol. These tinctures are very concentrated, so only small doses are needed. But it's still easiest to mix fresh herbs with the food.

Here you will find all the herbal preparations that we carry on EquusVitalis. But always remember: the health of our horses begins with a species-appropriate attitude. If this basic requirement is not met, even the best herbs and preparations will not help.