DIANA mit Menthol

Does a body good!

DIANA mit Menthol: 5 products


  • DIANA mit Menthol Sports Balm with Menthol
    • In a glass container
    • Stimulating & scented
    • Non-greasy
  • DIANA mit Menthol Rubbing Alcohol Pump Spray
    • Easy to spray
    • Invigorating freshness
  • DIANA mit Menthol Sports Balm Tube
    • Creamy texture
    • Caring properties
    • Keep in your bag for on the go use
  • DIANA Rubbing Alcohol with Menthol in a Glass Bottle
    • For refreshment and massages
    • A traditional home remedy
    • High-quality ingredients
    • For massage or refreshment
    • Perfect for little breaks
    • Practical for travel

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