Grain-Free Feed

Grain-Free Feed

The Benefits of Grain-Free Horse Feed

Dear horse lovers,

The tendency to opt for grain-free horse feed is increasing in popularity as many horse owners decide to eliminate grain from their horses' diets for a variety of reasons. Grain-free feeding has several benefits that can improve a horse's health and well-being.

A key issue is avoiding excess starch which can happen with grain-rich feed. This is of special importance because not all horses can process starch well which can lead to digestive problems, insulin resistance and even laminitis.

Another crucial factor is weight management. Many horses have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, especially if they are prone to obesity or metabolic problems. A grain-free diet allows better weight management which in turn promotes overall health.

Furthermore, a grain-free diet stabilises blood sugar levels and minimises fluctuations. This is particularly important for horses with metabolic problems and reduces the risk of subsequent complications.

However, it is important to emphasise that the decision to go for grain-free feed should be carefully considered. Every horse is unique and the optimal nutrition depends on various factors. Before making the switch, it is advisable to consult with a feed specialist to ensure that the specific needs of each horse are taken into account.

I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new product by KÖNIGSHOFER: "Grain-Free Königswiese" 15 kg.

This is a grain-free feed made with the choicest ingredients. It is ideal as manger feed for horse breeds who tend to eat very quickly and horses with low energy requirements. Thanks to the highly digestible crude fibre and the low content of sugar and starch, it is also ideal for overweight horses, horses with sensitive stomachs and horses with metabolic disorders.

Furthermore, Grain-Free Königswiese contains linseed, brewer's yeast and valuable oils which ensure healthy digestion and a shiny coat. It is fully vitaminised and mineralised and provides everything a horse needs.

This grain-free feed represents an approach that focuses on the natural needs of horses.

Anna Maria Rumer
Specialist Consultant for Horses