Lexa Winter Herbs

In cold weather

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Supports digestion, respiratory tract and metabolism
  • Available from October to March

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Combines digestive, respiratory and metabolic supporting properties

  • For support and prevention in cold weather phases and for upgrading the daily feeding
  • Available from October to March

Please note any and all doping guidelines in your county.

Our tip: A warm herbal tea is particularly beneficial in cold weather.

Animal Feed: Supplementary Feed for Horses

More information

= Commercial form = 500g large horse = 16 days 2.5kg large horse = 80 days = Composition = Liquorice root, horehound, nettle, marshmallow, yarrow, Iceland moss, comfrey, peppermint, thyme, birch leaves, Anise, birch leaves, sun hat, linden blossoms, cowslips, Ribwort, chamomile, lemon balm, sage, centaury, Watercress, horsetail, dandelion herb with roots, bedstraw, milk thistle seeds, wormwood, goldenrod, Walnut leaves, burdock root = Feeding recommendation = Large horses: 30 to 50g daily Small horses, ponies: 15 to 30g daily


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